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Our furniture design is really a story of ‘East meets West’.  I am inspired by the refinement of Japanese craftsmanship  and design and the dynamic  fusion with  Western culture.  These qualities shine through our work. From this foundation, each  project is brought to life by infusing our client’s personality.

I have always been intrigued by the discipline and simplicity of Japanese art and design.  So, after training as a carpenter, I moved to Tokyo to study the art of traditional Japanese house building.  My story really started here thanks to an exceptional “Toryo” (Master), Mr Kobayashi.  “Kobayashi san” opened the closed world of the “Daikusan” (Carpenter) where I learnt  unique skills specific to the much respected Japanese Carpenter.  On returning to England, I was awarded a place to study at the world-renowned Parnham College, run by John Makepeace.  After graduating in 1996, I established “della-Porta design”.

The ever changing market, influenced by trends, has enabled us to create a wide portfolio of projects – ranging from individual pieces of  furniture; cabinets, tables and chairs, to grander fitted projects; hand-made wardrobes, bookcases and kitchens, and ultimately,  full refurbishments including staircases.  We work with private individuals,  Architects and Interior Designers, to design furniture that really suits their lifestyle or client needs, managing the entire project as required. 


Our passion and joy is to create beautiful signature pieces that stand out from the crowd and tell their own story…

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Joe della-Porta